Money Earning Activities Help the Pack Operate

Registration fees don’t meet all of the needs of Pack 23. Fundraising helps pay for some of the costs that are associated with camp outs, advancements, awards, STEM day, blue & gold banquet, pack meetings and more. Each year, Scouts are encouraged to raise $100 in profit from various money earning activities to help the pack operate. The $100 meets the needs of what each Scout receives in return from the pack each year. Any money over the $100 in profit is converted into Cub Points, which your Scout can use towards camping supplies, registration fees, scout activities and even summer camp!

Our Pack fundraising goal this year is $6,000.  Here is the estimated budget for some of our major events so that you can have a better understanding of the importance of raising funds for the pack. 

  • Fall Campout: $500
  • Advancements/Awards: $3,000
  • Pinewood Derby: $500
  • Pack Meetings: $600
  • Blue & Gold Banquet: $400

How do Cub Points Work?

All Cub Scouts are asked to raise $100 in profit for the pack through fundraising. A Scout can earn 50% profit through sales of flower bulbs, wreaths, or honey, and a 33% profit on pasta sales. Once the $100 goal is reached, each additional dollar of profit is divided as follows: $0.25 goes to the Pack, and $0.75 is put into the Scout’s Cub Points account. Cub Points can be used for most anything Scouting-related, including Pack 23 events, summer camp, yearly registration renewals, and camping gear.

New this year is the Fundraising FAST PASS. If a family chooses to participate in the FAST PASS and later chooses to do some fundraising, every dollar of profit earned is immediately split $0.25 to the Pack and $0.75 to the Scout’s Cub Points account.

Pack 23 Fundraising FAST PASS

We understand the feeling of…

“OH NO . . . not another fundraiser!”  OR
“UH-OH . . . when was I supposed to turn in that fundraiser?” 

For this reason, NEW this year we have created a FAST PASS option.  This allows families the opportunity to not feel any pressure about participating in fundraisers. (This also helps prevent the feeling of guilt by not participating, yet still allows families a chance to support the organization.)

If you are interested in participating in FAST PASS, you must return the form below with cash, check, or a money order made out to CT Pack 23 by September 30, 2019.

The FAST PASS option is a minimum of $100.00 per student. (There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.) Please understand, you will still receive all the fundraising fliers; however, do NOT feel obligated to participate in them. (Obviously, we would not object to a Scout participating even after buying out; every little bit will help the pack. In this case, your Scout would keep 75% of the money they raised over the $100 requirement in cub points.)

Keep in mind that fundraising is a part of scouting and it teaches kids wonderful lessons, only some of which include practicing  their speaking skills and sharing their love of scouting with others. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to, Katie Ahlgren, Fundraising Committee Chair. She can be reached at