Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award

Guided by the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace, millions of Scouts have enhanced their awareness of the natural world around them, minimizing impact to the land. For Scouts who have a deep interest in the outdoors, nature, and the environment, Scouting’s outdoor ethics will give you an ever-deeper appreciation of the richness of the land and how we fit into it. If you are prepared to venture down the path of really becoming aware of your surroundings, of building the skills that will allow you to leave no trace on the land, then the Outdoor Ethics Awareness and Action Awards are for you.

Cub Scouts and their leaders interested in learning more about outdoor ethics and Leave No Trace should begin by exploring the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award. The requirements are as follows:

  • Describe what the Outdoor Code means to you.
  • Complete the Leave No Trace online course and print the
  • Complete the Tread Lightly! TL! Kids Outdoor Quiz and print the certificate.
    Click on the “Outdoor Quiz” arrow.
  • Participate in an outdoor ethics activity facilitated by a person who has completed
    the BSA outdoor ethics orientation course or is a BSA outdoor ethics trainer or master.

Cub Scouts earn this award by working with their families to complete these activities.